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Jim Avignon
Jim Avignon
Jim AvignonJim AvignonJim AvignonJim AvignonJim AvignonJim AvignonJim Avignon

Issues from politics and society, art and pop culture are mixed with images from the world of fairy tales and fables in narrative structures. His paintings become the stage for very different protagonists of figuration, cartoons, anime and fantasy world. Pets embody human condition, beyond the cheerful mood lurks the unknown.

The viewer sees interchangeable oddities in the (fantasy) world, which provides the post-modern society, and takes place in the - often lively inanimate - expressions on their faces, the mixture of feelings, boredom, standardization, robotics, decision, indecision and resignation again capture the many authors in their novels as a psychological state of a generation trying.
By the way, Jim Avignon succeeded in this with a few strokes and some paint. He watchs closely and reduces the complex to the essentials. By deciphering accurately the moods of time, he’s able to recognize the comic potential in the current global economic crisis. He does so with grim humor.

Jim Avignon loves the people and their weaknesses. He seeks the sublime in the banal and finds the sublime in the banal. Many of Jim's work keeps touch with the reality of a kind of radical philosophical calm balanced with the seriousness and serenity.
Through the clever, poetic subtitles Typo in distinctive features Avignon, not only as an intelligent, politically-informed and subversive artists, but also as a logical concept artist.

Early in his prolific career, Jim has propagated his tactics regarding the value of art by announcing that he preferes to sell "thousands of pictures for one dollar rather than one picture of one thousand dollars."

This attitude is not only required an unusually high potential for energy and courage, it puts also the traditional artist roles in question.
With Life Paintings in clubs, he took styles and attitudes of street-art advance and in his more commercial work lives on the approach of Andy Warhol's pop-culture.

He’s living in New York since 4 years and is making extensive tavels and exhibition tours. In the last six month, he exhibited in Paris, Berlin, Tokyo and Sao Paulo.

Since 1997, Avignon, occurs as a musician under the name of „NEOANGIN“ and is still published 9 CDs with electronic music. He was in Mexico and Hong Kong with the Goethe Institute, and just at the invitation of the DAAD in Tokyo. Also he has curated art festivals in Moscow, Singapore and Athens.
He sketched designs for several fashion labels, e.g. designed a „Swatch“ and the tail fins to the german Airline BA.

His „Attack/delay Magazine“ releases every 2 years and once a year, he organizes the "who's afraid of friendly capitalism lounge" in Berlin together with Fehmi Baumbach.
Numerous reports about Jim Avignon, have been broadcast on TV, for example on the BBC, Arte and DWTV and the documentary "The World of Jim Avignon," which ran on 3sat.

Exhibitions and Projects:

1987 – 92 installations in factories
1992 3 weeks Live painting performances at the „documenta“ Kassel
1993 Club der Verlierer / Berlin
1995 Get Rich with art / Kunsthalle Schirn Frankfurt
1997 Plug in / National Art Club, New York
1998 - 2001 several live performances with painting-DAG
Museum of Modern Art in Barcelona, ICA London ...
2002 The sudden end of new economy / Galerie Wewerka, Berlin
2003 At home with me / Museum of Modern Art, Jyväskylä, Finland
2004 Its not easy being easy / Asperger Gallery, Berlin
2004 30.000 sqm large picture for the opening ceremony of the Olympic Stadium Berlin
2005 Crazy Patterns of life / Gallery Schüppenhauer, Cologne
Map of menatlities / Gallery Feinkunst Kruger / Hamburg
2006 La Quenta por favor / Art factory, Paris
Import-Export / Heliumcowboy Gallery Hamburg
2007 Soloexhibition, Young Art Museum, Klagenfurt
Europe-Blinddate Festival Goethe Institut New York
Wittgenstein's wallet / Iguapop Gallery, Barcelona
The future of past / Galerie Tristesse, Berlin
2008 Unreal Estate / Heitsch Galerie, Munich
Everybody has a life to loose / Galerie Krebs, Bern
Small World-big cities / Rojo Artspace Sao Paulo
Hopeless Bohemian / Gallery Schüppenhauer, Cologne
2009, the revolt of the things / Gallery Sakamoto contemporary, Berlin
Anxiety room / Factory Fresh w Jon Burgerman, New York